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Who has Ken performed with?

Who all is in the show?

Who has Ken performed with?

Here's just a couple of the folks Ken has performed with:

Debbie Reynolds,   Rip Taylor,   Jerry Van Dyke,   Kenny Rogers,   Trisha Yearwood,   Mel Tillis,   Crystal Gayle,   Statler Brothers,   Waylon Jennings,   Billy Ray Cyrus,   Oak Ridge Boys

"Ken Groves was fantastic and a total professional. Other acts could learn from Mr. Groves."
     R.G. Smith 
     Elegant Evenings of Magic and Comedy

Who all is in the show?

You'll be amazed when members of your audience become the star of the show! You won't believe how much laughter you'll hear!

You'll believe the cast of characters Ken brings with him are alive!
  Check out Howard. . .the newest AND oldest member of the show! 

AND - Believe it or not - a Harley Hog will be given away in EVERY show!!!

"You could tell your act was a hit by the constant laughter. The audience participation has us in stitches!"
     Mr. Charles Finn
     Wayne Savings


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