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How can we get Ken to perform for us?

Well, to be honest, Ken can't accept every show. Not only does his schedule keep him busy, but his show isn't right for a lot of the invitations he gets to perform. Here's why:

* Comedy entertainment needs a captive audience that can concentrate, see, and hear. In some situations, that's just not possible. Call us to discuss your event to see if Ken would be right for you. 

* As you've probably already read, Ken's been around the world and worked for some of the largest corporations. There is a difference between local, regional, and national entertainers. Someone who has traveled as much as, and performed in the venues Ken has, is going to deliver a consistently higher quality of performance for you.

* As you start finding entertainment for your event, you'll find that the investment to hire Ken is considerably higher than that of other entertainers. While you may think it's "just a saying" - you really do get what you pay for when you hire a professional like Ken. His job is to make you look good.

"Thanks for making our banquet such a huge success. You put the icing on the cake!"
      -Mr. Frank Miketa, Grocers Association

Ken only accepts a limited number of engagements. To ensure that you're not disappointed, contact us AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE with several possible dates.

Click here to contact Ken to discuss how he can put the fun in your event and make you look GREAT!

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